January 2020 - Edwina Lee, 2020 President

posted Jan 20, 2020, 3:03 AM by Acuw Hawaii
Happy New Year of the Rat!

It is my honor to serve as your 89th President for ACUW. I had always heard about ACUW
from my friends and I had been asked when I was younger to join ACUW. However, I was
too busy with my four children and their extracurricular activities and I also had a full-time
job, so I never joined until Gretchen Jong asked me to come out, so I joined in August 2016.
At the September general membership meeting, Gretchen was the nominating chair during
that time, and she asked me to be treasurer. I told her she should ask the other members who
have been members for a longer time as I was a brand new member and actually did not know
much about the club, except I knew they did a nice fashion show event as a fundraiser as I
have attended several of them as a guest. I told her that if she really could not find anyone, 
then I would step up to be treasurer.

Well, as history goes, I became treasurer under Roberta Wong-Leung’s administration in 2017 and from then on, I have
always held a position on the Board of Directors.

My number one goal for ACUW as the President this year is to increase our membership and I would like to do a
membership drive with a fun and interesting activity. I would also like to bring in interesting guest speakers for our general
membership meetings and have it become more interactive with our membership. I will try to uphold the tradition of
ACUW and do cultural and community service and educational and fun interest projects that will benefit our membership.

Ongoing administrative projects are updating our website, which Jennifer Tseu is the chair for that project. Another one is
getting new shirts for our membership at cost, which Elvina Yamashiro has agreed to chair that one. Also giving each
member a hard copy of the most current membership directory, which Darlene Nakayama will handle. We also have an
ongoing legislative review committee that has been reviewing the Bylaws for the past two years which is headed by Sandy
Young. We hope we can finish reviewing and updating the Bylaws this year and have it passed by the general membership.
Since we will be updating our Bylaws, the Policies and Procedures will also need to be updated.

I am still looking for a President-Elect and an Elected Director with a 3-year term. If you or if you know of any members
who are interested in these positions, please contact Debra Lew -Wong or myself. My philosophy is the more active you
become in the club, the more you will benefit and learn from others. I hope that all of our members will support the club and
want to come out and participate in the projects planned for the year by the Board of Directors and committee chairs.

This year will also be the planning year for our 90th anniversary event which is co-chaired by Gretchen Jong and Serena
Kyi-Yim. If they call on you to do something for this event, please agree and help them out.

I look forward to getting to know more of our membership on a personal basis. I would love to hear all your ideas that will
make ACUW a better organization. Please feel free to contact me anytime either by email or text if you have any questions
or just call me. I will normally respond back to you within the same day. Thank you for believing in me and my new Board
of Directors and I will do my best for this organization to the best of my abilities. Thank you.