The ACUW House Rules – Beverly Mau, President

posted Jan 27, 2013, 2:25 PM by Acuw Hawaii

1.     Socialize before, during lunch and after the meeting. Once the meeting is called to order- please give your attention to the speaker and be aware that there are others who want to hear what the speaker has to say. In this way, we can move through the agenda faster and finish our meetings in a timely manner.

2.     All officers and committee chairs will be prepared to make their reports and line up at every GMM. A copy of their report will be given to the (1) President and to the (2) Secretary on meeting day. If possible, we would prefer the report be emailed prior to the GMM..

3.     Parliamentarian will sit alongside the President or presiding officer, at each GMM to make sure the meeting is run appropriately. She will not vote at the BOD (“Board”) meetings, but is allowed to vote as a member at all GMM.

4.     When a member wishes to speak, she must stand and address the President as  ”Madame President.” She may not speak until recognized (otherwise she will be called “out of order”), as we want to only hear one speaker at a time. Once recognized, she will give her name and her position if she is speaking to an issue. (This is so all the members will know who is speaking, as we have many new members.)

5.     All concerns should be taken up first at the “Board” level and not at a GMM because it may be necessary to do research, gather information, and clarify with the Committee Chair, Director or Officer; many of which can be resolved at the Board level.

6.     All motions will be in writing and submitted to the President and Secretary at least 2 days before a “Board” or GMM if possible and making sure the Secretary and President has it in writing when coming from the floor. Motions should be made by the Committee Chair whose committee has reviewed and is approving the motion.

7.     In any “heated” discussions, during the “discussion” portion of a motion, the members will be given no more than 1 minute to speak, they will line up Pros on one side and Cons on the other side. A time limit can be set for the discussion before the vote is taken or the number of members allowed to speaker can be set.

8.     The speakers may be called a 2nd time, only if all others were given a chance to speak first and then she may speak but not to reiterate the same thing said earlier. She will need to speak on something new, not yet taken up by any of the other speakers.

9.     Voting on motions: Preferred method is by a show of hands and if not, all will stand and as they are counted, will then sit. The Presiding officer will appoint, 2 directors to assist her in the count. (Unless otherwise determined by the Presiding Officer)

10.  The budget for the ACUW committees will be approved by the “Board” at the January Board meeting and presented for approval to at the GMM by the Finance Chair.

11.  Members are encouraged to offer suggestion(s) (or alternatives) to resolve any issues. It would behoove our members to sit with the appropriate committees to discuss their concerns before having it taken up at the GMM. In this way, it will come recommended out of committee for approval.

 Thank you for your understanding and consideration