Scholarship committee – Lily Lee, Committee Chair

posted Dec 12, 2015, 12:40 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Scholarship Committee: Lily Lee (chair), Queenie Chee, Grace Ching and Shyrlene Lee

Your BWC Challenge tax-deductible donation will support ACUW Scholarships. This year, due to the lack of funds, we were only able to give three scholarships. In past years, we were able to give five scholarships. With the support of the BWC Challenge, ACUW will be able to give more scholarships as well as increasing the amount of each scholarship in keeping with today’s tuition and cost at many universities.

Thank you messages from students who received scholarships/awards:

Tammy Ko, UCLA, “Aloha ACUW Members, Thank you very much for gifting me this generous scholarship. It will be a tremendous help in financing my college education in Biomedical Engineering.”

The Committee also worked with the Hawai‘i State Science and Engineering Fair, held in March at the Hawai‘i Convention Center. This event was coordinated by Marion Yuen. Awardee Kristie Chang, St. Andrew's Priory, Project: The Effectiveness of Using Various Materials in the Production of Bio Plastics. “Dear ACUW Members, First I would like to thank you very much for granting me the Science Award. I really appreciated it. This award was definitely a great inspiration to push myself to keep working harder.”

The Hawai‘i History Day event was held at Windward Community College in April. Awardee Albert Jiang, Punahou School, Project: Historical Research in Chinese/Chinese American History. “Dear Mrs. L. Lee, Thank you so much for presenting me with the “Historical Research in Chinese/Chinese American History” prize. I am greatly honored and humbled to have received this award, and I wish to express my sincere gratitude to both you and the entire ACUW organization for selecting me as a recipient. Although this was only my first year participating in Hawai‘i's History Day I felt as though I have gained so much through this experience. There were so many skills I have acquired by taking part in both the district and state fairs. I have never before undergone such a significant, thorough research project in school. As I discovered new sources, I was also challenged to review and understand a foreign documentary produced by CCTV. It was truly a worthwhile and rewarding undertaking. Once again, I would like to extend my greatest appreciation to the Associated Chinese University Women organization and your generous support of Hawai‘i History Day.”

The Scholarship Committee thanks ACUW members for supporting our different events this year. Without your support and funding we would not have been able to accomplish and participate in these different activities.

M-A-H-A-L-O! to the committee members for a job well done!