Scholarship committee – Lily Lee, Committee Chair

posted Dec 12, 2015, 12:23 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Scholarship Committee: Lily Lee (chair), Queenie Chee, Grace Ching and Shyrlene Lee

Victoria Lee receiving award from Chair Lily Lee

Albert Jing receiving award from cm: Shyrlene Lee and, Ruth Hirai

HISTORY DAY: The Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities appreciates that ACUW, for several years, has provided Awards for History Day. The Hawai‘i State History Day was held on Saturday, April 25, 2015, at Windward Community College in Kaneohe. Attending the Awards ceremony were President Ruth Hirai, Chair Lily Lee and committee member Shyrlene Lee. ACUW presented two students with awards of $100 each and leis. History Day awards were also sent to each student. The theme that the student had to write about was, “Historical Research in Chinese/ Chinese American History.”

The student winners were:

Youth Division - Victoria Lee, Mililani Waena Elementary School wrote, “Bruce Lee's Legacy Changes The Image of Asian Americans.”

Senior Division - Albert Jiang, Punahou High School wrote, “The Greatest Apple Ever Grown: Quian Xuesen's Leadership and Legacy in the U.S. Rocket Program and Chinese Space Program.”

SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS; Scholarship Recipients were introduced at the General Membership Meeting on Saturday June 6, 2015 at the Empress Restaurant. The recipients each shared why they chose their major and their future plans.

Tammy Ko, graduate of Roosevelt High School, will attend the University of Southern California with a Major in Biomedical Engineering. “In my AP Biology class in high school I discovered the impact a biology discovery can have on life. During my work at a pet hospital I was able to see biomedical technology exponentially increase the recovery rates of animals after surgery and improve the efficiency in diagnoses. In the future I would like to help bridge the engineering and medical fields and provide better healthcare.”

Hannah Sinclair, graduate of Kaiser High School, will attend the University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa, with a Major in Education. “I plan to teach at an elementary school. It is my aim not only to educate the children of Hawai‘i by providing a sound education, but also teach children to develop high moral standards, character, and integrity. I wish to empower young children to reach their highest academic potential and overcome diversity.”

Our third recipient is Joanne Huang a Roosevelt High School graduate, will attend Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, with a Major in Chemical Engineering. “Growing up my parents always told my siblings and me to work hard and strive for the best. I liked my chemistry classes in high school. Chemical engineering involves the application of chemistry and engineering concepts which will help in solving the world's problems. Through research I hope my studies will help aid in the development of better pharmaceuticals that will be distributed throughout the country and even through out the world.”

Each recipient was given an ACUW Scholarship Award. The $2000 each received will go to paying a part of their first and second semester tuitions. ACUW wished them much success in their future endeavors.