Scholarship Committee – Dorothy Mau, Chair

posted Nov 25, 2013, 7:23 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Five Regular Scholarship recipients and one Special Scholarship recipient were in attendance at our June l, 2013 General Membership Meeting at the Treetops Restaurant. The regular scholarship committee members, Kathy Jay, Lily Lee, Shrylene Lee, Lenora Leu, Dorothy Mau, and Ivy  Yeung,  were all present to receive and greet our awardees, who were 100% in attendance. Parents of Sheanae Tam, Chi Hang Lo, Kelly Lam and Brandon Quon enjoyed the Award presentation. Maura Yee represented Sybil Kyi, special award chair, in awarding Sheena Choy. Dorothy Mau introduced each awardee and President Beverly Mau presented each a lei. After receiving a lei, each student expressed his or her gratitude to ACUW  for its scholarship award in supporting their college education. From the speeches given by each student, we were amazed by the qualified students who demonstrated themselves as outstanding public speakers. They were all selected for their high grade averages, outstanding leadership, extra- curricular activities and community services. 

The Scholarship recipients are:

Diana Huyhn is a Roosevelt High School graduate who will attend DePauw University and major in Biology.  She wants to become a doctor and remembers her dad telling her “you can save lives but remember always to help others, those who are less fortunate.”

Kelly Lam is a Sacred Hearts graduate who will attend American University and major in international Studies (emphasis on Asia-Pacific) and later pursue a JD from Law School. She was captain of Air Riflery. Her career goal is to become a lawyer, specializing in social justice.

Ernest Chi Hang Lo graduated from Aiea High School and will attend The George Washington University and major in Engineering. He is an Honor student and is on the Principal’s list.

Sheanae Tam is a graduate of Kailua High School.  She plans to earn a BA in Biology and minor in Education at Pacific University.  As a student leader, she served on the Student Board of Affairs. She is in the National Honor Society and is also an exemplary student athlete earning 4 letters for tennis.

Brandon Quon is a Mililani graduate who will attend University of Hawaii at Manoa and major in Biology. In last year’s Hawaii History Day, he received ACUW “Best Project in Chinese History.”   He held first chair for string ensemble and is in Math Honor Society.