Courtesy Committee Report – Elizabeth Lum, Committee Chair

posted Dec 12, 2015, 12:19 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Congratulations to:

·      Frances Hau Goo, ACUW’s 1996 president, who is now the 2015 President of the Hawai‘i Chapter of the Federation of China Business Women

·      Darlene Young for being Mid-Week’s May “Mystery  Shopper Winner.” She was shopping at Beretania Times Supermarket.  More details and a picture of her can be found in May 6’s Mid-Week.  Lucky Darlene.

·      Chaz Mau, a 2015 St. Louis graduate, son of 2012 ACUW president, Beverly Mau. Kudos, mom and son

·      May Lee Chung for sharing with the Star*Advertiser and promoting ACUW Family Favorites Cookbook. This generated over 300 cookbook sales.  Many customers shared that the cookbook has good recipes   and are trying some of them.  Price is good and ordered some for gifts.  Mahalo, May Lee   The article can be found in the May 13 Today’s Section

Mahalo to:

·      Mildred Lui for taking care of the cash orders and pick up at her State Drapery location and to all who handled the mail orders. 

·      The cookbook committee, contributors, and all those who purchased at least one cookbook.

Condolences to:

·      Mildred Fong Wong, ACUW’s 1990 president, upon the loss of her sister Vivian Chun Ho Fong Lee on May 28. 

·      The family of the late Evelyn Y. Q. Lau who passed away on April 27.  She was a member of ACUW, and was United Chinese Society’s Model Mother of the Year.