Courtesy Committee Report – Elizabeth Lum, Committee Chair

posted Dec 12, 2015, 12:11 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Congratulations to:

Parents Anna and Roy Chang for raising their son, Nick Chang, to help people in the scientific and medical field. Nick and his Ganogen Team researched, tested, and “successfully transplanted human fetal kidneys into rats”. This research project could help save lives in the future due shortage of human organs for transplants. Nick attended Punahou and is presently a student at Duke University School of Medicine and concurrently pursues a law degree from Stanford Law School. If you would like to know more about the transplant, and the Ganogen Team’s goals, refer to Ganogen on YouTube, and the February 16 Star-Advertiser article in the Today’s Section: “Nick Chang-Kidneys in Rats”. Mai ka‘i.

Stephanie Lum Itoman and Ryan Itoman are proud and busy parents of twin boys born on February 27. Their oldest son, Dylan, is learning to love and accept his brothers, Dustin and Daxton Itoman. Popo Liz Lum is filled with joy to have a jackpot with Lucky “Seven” grandchildren. Active babysitting duties come parallel with this type of “luck.” Smile.

Speedy Recovery to:

Our Chinese New Year Parade Coordinator, Lorena McGovern, had a successful hip surgery in late February. Unfortunately, through therapeutic exercises, a bone fracture occurred. Prayers for complete fusion of fracture.

Condolences to:

The family of the late Jackson K.S. Pang. He was the late brother of members Mary Ruth Chun and Melissa Nikaido and brother-in-law of Lorena McGovern.

The family of the late Christine Ling. Chris is dearly missed as she was an active participant in ACUW with purpose to bring goodness to our association. She served as president of ACUW in 1966 and was a Director in 2010 -2011. Chris was a strong supporter of our annual scholarship fundraisers, and many other ACUW events and projects. At our March 7 GMM, a tribute video was recorded by Gretchen Jong’s friend, Norma Parado. Chris was able to view it with delight before her passing on April 4. Several members were able to spend quality time with Chris during her everlasting days with mini-visits. Her legacy and special glow remain in our memories. Arrangements for her funeral services were held at St. Elizabeth Episcopal Church on April 25. Christine Ling, Aloha ‘Oe, until we meet again.

Member Fawn Shang on the loss of her father in March.

Correction: In the March issue, Dr. Berdine Chong married Jason Hiramoto (not Haramoto). Apologies to Berdine and Jason for the typo.