Courtesy Committee Report –Debra Lew-Wong, Committee Chair

posted Feb 10, 2014, 10:39 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Condolences to:

The family of Joyce Ching upon her passing in December 2013.  We miss her fondly.

Elizabeth Lum (mom) and Stephanie Lum (daughter) whose husband and father, respectively.  Robert CY Lum, passed away in December 2013.

Congratulations to:

Ida Mai’s new grandson from second son, David.

Mona Chock’s newest granddaughter, Cadence Young, born November 18, 2013 in Taiwan.

May Lee Chung’s newest grandson, Declan Albert Kalākaua Chung, born December 9, 2013 in Santa Fe.

Dr. Hong Jiang, who has been named Chairman of the Geography Department, UH-Mānoa

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