Courtesy Committee Report – Colleen Pang-Wong, 2013 Committee Chair and Debra Lew-Wong, 2014 Committee Chair

posted Dec 17, 2013, 3:43 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Condolences to:

Lorena McGovern on the passing of her husband James McGovern.

Doris Pang on the passing of her husband Robert K.K. Pang.

Carolyn Misajon on the passing of her father Sea Ken Woo.

Frances Kramer on the passing of her brother Robert “Bob” Kramer 11/22/13 in New Orleans, LO.

Congratulations to:

Jennifer Chun for being accepted into the Pacific Century Fellows program.

Happy New Year of the Horse everyone!  As the new Courtesy Committee Chair, just call me at 949-6391 or email to inform me of any newsworthy event you’d like to share with us (e.g., births, deaths, marriages, awards, etc.).

I look forward to hearing and seeing you all soon.