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KNOTTING—CHALLENGING & KNOT FOR EVERYONE…- Anna Chang and Shari Lee-Huntoon, Co-Chairs

posted Sep 8, 2014, 4:07 PM by Acuw Hawaii

“Holy Cow!!!” --- that was the reaction many members had to the Knotting Workshop held on May 9th.  ACUW sisters, up in knots, developed an appreciation for the Art of Chinese Knotting and an awareness of why it is a dying art.  Many of us did not get beyond the basic steps in pursuing a Double Coin Knot.  Smarty-Pants Vina Yamashiro got it quickly and helped others.  Lola Fu said, “I’m afraid to move my fingers to the next step.  I don’t have enough fingers!”

“Definitely worthwhile and challenging,” said Sandi Shiroma who had her eyes on a beautifully knotted necklace shown to us by teacher, Barbara Chung Ho.  Sandi was “one of those” who went home and practiced.

“I’m making twenty of those turtles for my son’s wedding in August,” an optimistic Anna Chang spat out.

“I think you should wait until next year.  That’s very difficult to make.  Class for that is 9 hours —three hours each day and then you must Practice, Practice, Practice,” advised the instructor.

For those interested, please contact Anna Chang or Shari Lee-Huntoon for “KNOTTING 102” after you perfect the Double Coin Knot.  We’ll be glad to schedule the next level workshop.