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Interest Committee - Anna Chang and Shari Lee-Huntoon, Co-Chairs

posted May 23, 2013, 2:40 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Ching Ming tour revelations proved to be “Very Interesting…” for the twenty-two participants on April 5, 2013. With historian Nanette Napoleon as a guide, members and guests stopped at various gravesides, attended part of the 11th Annual Hawaii Chinese Qing Ming Celebration at Manoa Chinese Cemetery and toured the Bone House.

Nanette encouraged members to discuss information they remembered from their pasts. Lois Mui shared the book her father, Wah Chan Thom, wrote: The Story Of Manoa Cemetery With A Discussion Of Ancestor Worship (1985).

Leanne Chuck mentioned that the feet of the deceased should face the ocean, and Shari Lee-Huntoon recalled that her grandfather’s bones were cleaned by her grandmother at various times.

A walk through the Bone House, where ancestors’ bones were kept in crocks, suitcases and ammunition containers, awaiting a time when a relative could return their bones to their birth place, was very, very interesting.

The tour concluded with a delicious lunch at Asia Manoa. The roast duck was most fabulous!

Enthused participants expressed a desire to attend a tour of Oahu Cemetery, the oldest public cemetery on Oahu. Nanette Napoleon, an authority on the subject, will be contacted to take us on this tour. Much can be learned of the history of the islands by learning about those who have been buried there. An email will be sent when arrangements are made.

Ching Ming 2013