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The Interest Committee organizes events throughout the year for ACUW members, family, and friends.  Events are also listed in the ACUW Calendar on the Home page.  We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our events!

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Interest Committee: WHERE IS THE WOK ? – Natalie Wu, Committee Chair

posted Dec 12, 2015, 12:07 PM by Acuw Hawaii

On a lovely Tuesday morning, 22 excited ACUW ladies gathered at Regency Park Rec Room for a special lunch with Chef Gordon Lum! Mahalo, Anna Chang, for reserving the room for us.

Chef Gordon Lum arrived early to prepare his special island pork spareribs in black bean sauce and yummy chicken look funn. He quickly set up his portable steamer and huge wok on the lanai. As he demonstrated and cooked he shared many of his cooking tips...that some fat/oil is flavor, that when ordering 3 lbs. of spareribs, you will get 3.5 lbs., and that chicken boullion can be substituted for chicken broth. As he demonstrated, he welcomed many questions and responded in detail regarding the various sauces he used and even where to purchase fresh look funn and island pork spareribs on Kekaulika Mall. When Extraordinaire Gordon worked his wok, some us assisted him by adding the chicken, carrots and beans, rock salt and mushroom sauce, look funn, and bean sprouts. WOW...he was able to stir-fry a huge amount of chicken look funn in 7 minutes!

By 11:30 am we were ready to enjoy lunch!

Thank you President-Elect Trudy Ching for your blessings as we looked forward to the delicious prepared lunch including various pupu, and desserts.

Besides Gordon's black bean spareribs and chicken look funn, each of the ladies brought FABULOUS salads, pies, cakes, cookies, cracker pupu, ice tea, peanuts, crispy gau gee, sushi, mochi, mangoes, and many surprises to our Marvelous Lunch. Needless to say, we all had a grand time chatting, sharing, and enjoying a Delightful Lunch!

Before our happy event ended President Ruth Hirai thanked Gordon Lum with our ACUW Family Favorites Cookbook. A Restaurant Gift Certificate was also presented to him from the ladies for his generous time and lunch treat.

Much Appreciation to Gordon Lum and to our Charming Ladies for making this a Very Successful Cooking/Demo Lunch Event!

Also Xie xie, to those ladies who came early to prep and arrange the tables and to the ladies who stayed after lunch to assist in the cleanup. Enjoy the fun photos taken by Susan Lee!

We had a Wonderful Day with Great Team Work!!!

Interest Committee: WHERE IS THE WOK ? – Natalie Wu, Committee Chair

posted Feb 25, 2015, 7:29 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Have you enjoyed the delicious scent of chicken look fun and steamed island spareribs in black bean sauce cooking at home?.....mmmmm. Well, your chance will be coming up soon from a Cooking Demonstration:

Date:   April 21, 2015.....a  Tuesday!

Time:   10 AM---1 PM

Place:   Regency Park Recreation Room, Mahalo to Anna Chang! (3138 Waialae Avenue by Charminade University)

Chef:    Gordon Lum, (Lum's Meat Center and Sauces)

Cost:    $5.00

Bring a favorite pupu to share with our yummy lunch.

Some guest parking.....carpool if possible.

Contact Natalie Wu (595-7702)  or

KNOTTING—CHALLENGING & KNOT FOR EVERYONE…- Anna Chang and Shari Lee-Huntoon, Co-Chairs

posted Sep 8, 2014, 4:07 PM by Acuw Hawaii

“Holy Cow!!!” --- that was the reaction many members had to the Knotting Workshop held on May 9th.  ACUW sisters, up in knots, developed an appreciation for the Art of Chinese Knotting and an awareness of why it is a dying art.  Many of us did not get beyond the basic steps in pursuing a Double Coin Knot.  Smarty-Pants Vina Yamashiro got it quickly and helped others.  Lola Fu said, “I’m afraid to move my fingers to the next step.  I don’t have enough fingers!”

“Definitely worthwhile and challenging,” said Sandi Shiroma who had her eyes on a beautifully knotted necklace shown to us by teacher, Barbara Chung Ho.  Sandi was “one of those” who went home and practiced.

“I’m making twenty of those turtles for my son’s wedding in August,” an optimistic Anna Chang spat out.

“I think you should wait until next year.  That’s very difficult to make.  Class for that is 9 hours —three hours each day and then you must Practice, Practice, Practice,” advised the instructor.

For those interested, please contact Anna Chang or Shari Lee-Huntoon for “KNOTTING 102” after you perfect the Double Coin Knot.  We’ll be glad to schedule the next level workshop.


posted Aug 26, 2014, 3:25 PM by Acuw Hawaii

ACUW Ladies, you rock!  Dressed in their pastel colors and donning Easter hats, 27 members and their guests celebrated an early Easter at the Willow’s Restaurant’s delightful Hawaiian and American buffet!  130 nosegays along with 130 bags of toiletries were artistically created and tied off with ribbons for our visit to Pālolo Chinese Home the following Sunday. 

Ruth Hirai’s “Birds of a Feather” vintage hat, made of pheasant feathers by her father and accented with Ruth’s creativity, won “The Most Beautiful!”  Mabel Lee, Pat Hubbard’s mother, achieved “The Most Creative!” with a garlanded Easter basket – cleverly named, “Basket Case…”  And then Christine Ling won “Most Inspirational” as she added her own touch to her very pretty chapeaux. 

The food was wonderful, the service great (we had our own personal attendant), and the spirit of each of the ladies working together to make something special for Pālolo residents deemed it a perfect day!   

Thank you, ladies, for giving of your time as well as your donations! 

[Special thanks to Cheryl Parker for the donation of a gift card for a Round Table pizza, Pat Hubbard for a gorgeous flower arrangement and Shari Lee-Huntoon for her unique bracelet.] 

Nosegay:  “a small bunch of flowers; bouquet; posy” 

Origin: 1375-1425; late Middle English; literally, a gay (something pretty) for the nose (to smell). 

Look up “tussie mussies” for very interesting info.

Memorable O’ahu Cemetery Tour, Spooks Included…- Anna Chang and Shari Lee-Huntoon, Co-Chairs

posted Dec 17, 2013, 3:45 PM by Acuw Hawaii

“Fantastic event!”  “Historical and educational!”  We gathered around 5:00PM at O’ahu Cemetery.  By five-thirty we had already been inside the public Mausoleum, the little stone house close to the parking lot.  As the sun set, ACUW members took out their flashlights to shine at interesting and symbolic tombstones, actually works of art, that are the resting places for hundreds of well-known families, captains of industry, musicians, scholars, artists, military heroes, educators and government officials.

Nannette Napoleon, the cemetery historian who had also guided us at Mānoa Cemetery in observance of Ching Ming, provided twenty-two of us with a wealth of information that inspired much thought.  This activity was brought to a close with a very curious story regarding the life-like statue of Maria Kahanamoku.

So much history awaits you at O’ahu’s oldest public cemetery.  

A uniquely delicious, dim sum dinner was shared at Mei Sum Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant.  Thank you to Pat Hubbard who put so much thought into this menu!

Unique and Stunning Christmas Wreaths!!! - Anna Chang and Shari Lee-Huntoon, Co-Chairs

posted Dec 17, 2013, 3:45 PM by Acuw Hawaii

 “Quiet” would not be the right word to describe ACUW members unless they are totally engrossed in making their individual Christmas wreaths!  December 2nd marked the first Wreath Making Workshop that culminated a year full of fun activities via your Committee of Interest.

Debra Lew Wong’s dainty grapevine wreath was accented with delicate wire and enamel ornaments.  Marge Lau’s stunning creation incorporated a Pele’s Hair base covered with lush greens, contrasted with sparkling ornaments!  Betty Chang’s unique wreath was graced by driftwood!  Linda Young’s air plant wreath made its own statement. And Verna Lum’s wreath made with Mickey Mouse plants and Christmas tree branches was breath-taking! 

Creativity was everywhere as 25 spirited elves listened to Christmas music, ate delicious snacks — (Yes, Blossom Wong’s delicious custard was there as well as Leanne Chuck’s refreshing ivory pudding with lychees and blueberries) - and got into the Spirit of Christmas! Check out the photos!!!

"SLIDING INTO FUN!" Interest Committee - Anna Chang and Shari Lee-Huntoon, Co-Chairs

posted Nov 25, 2013, 7:37 PM by Acuw Hawaii

“Wow!” ”Beautiful!!” ”You made that?” ”How did YOU do that?” Yes, those were responses received by our talented members who attended Jen Chun’s “Sliding-knot Bead Bracelet” class at The Bead Gallery on Aug. 31st.

Millie Lui chose red beads! Betty Jong made a dainty blue bracelet for a grandchild while her daughter focused on her own creation. Susan Lee chose her favorite colors: a variegated red and purple bead---look out! Lola Fu found black and silver beads; Natalie Wu selected lime-colored ones; and Anna Chang decided on chunky black stones. Nora Chong, Liz Chow, Marilyn Wong and Blossom Wong all turned their beads into statement bracelets.

Happy smiles, focused looks, and excellent instruction made for a fun time via your Committee of Interest. The camaraderie was great as these happy ladies designed and created their one-of-a-kind, sparkling bracelets! Thank you to Jen together with Jamie Yoshida and her super staff at The Bead Gallery on 1287 Kalani St. (City Square Annex). What’s next?

Interest Committee - Anna Chang and Shari Lee-Huntoon, Co-Chairs

posted Nov 25, 2013, 7:20 PM by Acuw Hawaii

PEARL HARBOR AFTERNOON DELIGHT!!!  Friday, August 23rd, might be the last Pearl Harbor Cruise offered to us by Stanford Yuen, husband of member Lynette Yuen. Although Stanford recently retired, he has put together a boat tour from 3:45PM - 5:15PM of special sites regular folk are not privy to. If you did not sign up for this event at our last meeting, you can call or email us before August 10th and your name will be added to the VIP list. We plan to meet at 3:30PM by the book store in the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

An optional dinner (order off the great menu) at Henry Louie’s in Mapunapuna will directly follow the cruise. Join the fun!

This will be an educational and fun time!

RSVP:  Shari Lee-Huntoon 254-3363  

Anna Chang 739-6888


JEWELRY REPAIR DAY found a group of ACUW members intently following the deft fingers of Jen Chun and Jamie Yoshida as they repaired bracelets, earrings and necklaces.  Jewelry pieces which had occupied the bottoms of jewelry boxes and tagged as unwearable were through the twist of a wire, a changed hook or some other magic that Jen and Jamie performed, turned into accessories to be worn to the next luncheon meeting.

The group (Susan Lee, Betty Jong, Blossom Wong, Candolyn Nakagawa and Anna Chang) met at The Bead Gallery, “Hawaii’s Warmest Bead Store,” a store Jamie Yoshida created for women to get together, chat and relax while beading.  What started as a foray into beading some 20 years ago has turned into a warm, bead-filled store that offers custom-design work, jewelry repair and numerous workshops.  Please check them out at

We discovered that our Co-Corresponding Secretary, Jen Chun, is not only the hands behind our state-of-the-art Bulletin but a masterful glasswork artist and now, jewelry-maker.  Trained by Jamie Yoshida and her hubby, Jason Del Mundo, for some 16 years, Jen is be offering two sessions of SLIDING KNOT BEAD BRACELET CLASSES on Saturday, August 31st at The Bead Gallery.  Both sessions are full at this time, but you can be put on a WAIT-LIST.  Please contact Anna Chang at 739-6888 or Shari Lee-Huntoon at

Interest Committee - Anna Chang and Shari Lee-Huntoon, Co-Chairs

posted May 23, 2013, 2:40 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Ching Ming tour revelations proved to be “Very Interesting…” for the twenty-two participants on April 5, 2013. With historian Nanette Napoleon as a guide, members and guests stopped at various gravesides, attended part of the 11th Annual Hawaii Chinese Qing Ming Celebration at Manoa Chinese Cemetery and toured the Bone House.

Nanette encouraged members to discuss information they remembered from their pasts. Lois Mui shared the book her father, Wah Chan Thom, wrote: The Story Of Manoa Cemetery With A Discussion Of Ancestor Worship (1985).

Leanne Chuck mentioned that the feet of the deceased should face the ocean, and Shari Lee-Huntoon recalled that her grandfather’s bones were cleaned by her grandmother at various times.

A walk through the Bone House, where ancestors’ bones were kept in crocks, suitcases and ammunition containers, awaiting a time when a relative could return their bones to their birth place, was very, very interesting.

The tour concluded with a delicious lunch at Asia Manoa. The roast duck was most fabulous!

Enthused participants expressed a desire to attend a tour of Oahu Cemetery, the oldest public cemetery on Oahu. Nanette Napoleon, an authority on the subject, will be contacted to take us on this tour. Much can be learned of the history of the islands by learning about those who have been buried there. An email will be sent when arrangements are made.

Ching Ming 2013

Fun Bowl - Anna Chang and Shari Lee-Huntoon, Interest Committee Co-Chairs

posted Jan 24, 2013, 7:11 PM by Acuw Hawaii

ACUWildcat Bowlers!!  “Gutter Ball” Anna (Chang) and “Drop the Ball” Shari (Lee-Huntoon) announce the first FUN BOWL and FINE DINING (Bowling Alley) on May 8th, Wednesday, 10am at Aiea Bowl, home of the famous Mochiko Chicken and Lemon Crunch Cake.  We guarantee that you will have a great time.  Us sistahs can blast those pins down and then have lunch after two or three games. 

There is a charge, yet to be determined, for these activities.  Please call or email Anna Chang (739-6888 or Shari Lee-Huntoon (254-3363 if you might be interested in either activity.  We will need to make early reservations for the Fun Bowl as there is league bowling on other days.  

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