Message from ACUW Elected Directors – Susan Wong

posted Dec 12, 2015, 11:40 AM by Acuw Hawaii

The Elected Directors, Maura Yee (co-chair), Lynnae Lee (co-chair), Lynette Yuen, Canossa Choy, Lori Kam and Susan Wong met on August 2nd to discuss various ACUW matters. The Elected Directors oversee and direct long-range goals, policies and procedures. The Elected Directors will be reviewing Policies and Procedure guidelines for Elected Directors, Membership, Scholarship and Community Service Committees in October and hope to present guidelines that the Board will approve for ratification by the membership in November.

The Elected Directors recommended, and the Board of Directors subsequently accepted, a suggestion that President Ruth Hirai appoint an Ad Hoc Book Fund Committee to determine disbursement of monies raised through ACUW publications. The amount of approximately $34,000 has been reserved for a number of years and May Lee Chung suggested that dispersal at this time for various ACUW activities may be appropriate.

The Ad Hoc Committee should consist of members from past or present committees: cultural, scholarship, community service, an elected director and a member from general membership for a report back to the General Membership in January.

The Elected Directors considered a request from the Community Service Committee to fund a donation to Pālolo Chinese Home to support their capital campaign to renovate the Victoria Ward Hall and construct a New Skilled Nursing Complex. The construction is part of a Master Plan to build a Progressive Care Complex adjacent to the Victoria Ward Hall Building.

The Elected Directors reviewed the history of ACUW donations to Pālolo Chinese Home over the years since 2002 to present; the continuing service relationship between ACUW members and Pālolo Chinese Home residents and staff; and proposed Community Service Donation Criteria (to be considered by the Directors in October) that recipient organizations for money should share ACUW’s goals to participate in cultural, educational and/or charitable endeavors. As a result, the Elected Directors recommended funding the request to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors approved the Community Service request and on behalf of Community Service Committee Susan Wong presented a motion at the General Membership Meeting on September 4th, that:

ACUW shall donate $2,500 to the Pālolo Chinese Home Capital Fund Drive, such donation shall be from the Scholarship Fund.

The motion was passed by the membership. The donation was announced at the Community Service project at Pālolo Chinese Home on September 12th