May 2013 - Sybil Kyi, Chair

posted May 23, 2013, 2:17 PM by Acuw Hawaii


This year, ACUW celebrates its 82nd birthday anniversary! In the beginning there were twelve women founders and now there are 210 members. They range in age from experienced seniors and those in their middle years to young energetic neophytes. We are rich in the diversity of our members with some representing several generations of their family in ACUW. We are blessed in the growing number of retirees who share their knowledge and experience in giving services to our communities. ACUW benefits from having women professionals who are business entrepreneurs, lawyers, financial advisors, teachers, health workers and many other occupations that were not imagined in the depression year of 1931 when ACUW’s founders began our organization.

ACUW continues to improve its success as a non-profit corporation supported by members who contribute hundreds of volunteer hours for educational and charitable programs. Members also raise funds to support ACUW scholarship recipients, science and history student awardees and sponsor and participate in charitable community events with partners such as the Palolo Chinese Home and the Honolulu Museum of Art.

Our ACUW founders emphasized the fellowship of members and providing time for social and intellectual program opportunities. The larger an organization grows, the more challenging it may become to engage members in responsibilities and activities. ACUW is fortunate to always have many willing hands, hearts and minds to do what needs to be done. May this spirit continue into the next century! CONGRATULATIONS, ACUW members! Thank you for your diligence, talents and contributions through 82 years and especially remember those who came before us.