March 2015 - Message from ACUW Elected Directors – Lynnae Lee and Maura Yee, Co-Chairs

posted Feb 25, 2015, 7:24 PM by Acuw Hawaii

The elected directors held their first meeting in December to set plans and goals for 2015.  A dedicated group with diverse backgrounds, the directors discussed current issues as well as ways to meet the challenges of ACUW’s future.

Lynnae Lee and Maura Yee, both serving their final year of a three-year term, will serve as co-chairmen.  Lynnae will work with the legislative and publications committees, while Maura is assigned to nominations and scholarship.

Returning second-year directors are Canossa Choy and Lynette Yuen.  Canossa will work with the cultural committee and record keeping.  Lynette will continue as the directors’ recording secretary and also help with membership.

Newly elected directors Susan Wong and Lori Kam, will be helping with community service and finance, respectively.

The directors look forward to serving the organization as we continue to carry out our mission and legacy in the community.