March 2014 Message from ACUW Directors – Lois Mui Chair

posted Feb 10, 2014, 10:41 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Happy Chinese New Year!  Sun nien fai lok! Here’s wishing all of you joy, love, peace, good health and prosperity in the Year of the Horse! 

Directors have assigned themselves special areas of focus to support and oversee ACUW’s activities and events, planned by Officers and Committee Chairmen to carry out the mission and goals of our nonprofit corporation, focusing on education and community service. The Directors and their areas of responsibility in 2014 are:

·      Jerilyn Jeffryes, Vice-Chairman, finance

·      Maura Yee, Vice-Chairman, standing committees

·      Lynnae Lee, legal issues

·      Canossa Choy, Records Management

·      Lynette Yuen, Secretary

·      Lois Mui, Chairman, long-range planning and general oversight

Directors are committed to supporting activities, and we encourage active participation of members to ensure ACUW has a vibrant program of work that offers fun and fellowship for members as we work on worthwhile projects that contribute to the community.

Policies & Procedures (P&P) will be developed by directors in collaboration with appropriate key leaders to clarify or define areas not specified in the revised Bylaws. A concern was raised regarding criteria for what and when P&P need to be written. Directors will attend first to areas where financial and legal issues are involved, then to areas where details are lacking. Operational guidelines already established as standard will remain in place if they do not conflict with the current Bylaws. Directors believe that guidelines for committees are best developed or modified by each committee to provide relevance and flexibility to respond to changing needs. Directors will help write or revise P&P and present drafts for Board consideration and action. All members are encouraged to share concerns and ideas for improved P&P.  Ad hoc task forces may be organized to address issues that are of major import to ACUW.

Directors are continuing to refine P&P regarding Finance, working with the Treasurer and Finance Chair and Committee.  Still to be determined are the composition and duties of the two new “composite” committees, Records Management and Communications. A document to define the role and responsibilities of all committees, named in our Bylaws but without specific duties assigned, is in progress.

We appreciate and need YOU and your many talents and skills to sustain ACUW as a pace-setting organization that continues to make a difference in our multicultural community!