January 2015 - Message from ACUW Elected Directors – Lois Mui, 2014 Chair

posted Dec 27, 2014, 8:40 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Holiday Greetings, ACUW Members!

ACUW is now a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, great incentive for members to renew our sense of purpose and commitment to carry out our mission into our 85th year and beyond! With the US Internal Revenue Service approval of our application for this preferred tax status, retroactive to November 28, 2012, our future is indeed bright, and the potential for successful endeavors is limitless as we work together, led by 2015 ACUW President Ruth Hirai and our elected officers and directors toward achieving our goals. The new status promises to translate into increased monetary support and donations, now tax-deductible, to support our activities and events to serve the community. Kudos and mahalo nui loa to all those members who worked diligently, with perseverance and patience to make this dream a reality! 

Many members gave countless hours in research and the development of restated Articles and Bylaws that would be acceptable for the IRS to approve ACUW as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit. We’d be remiss in not recognizing with appreciation Susan Lee, Canossa Choy, Susan Wong, Patricia Lau, Betty Jong, Lois Mui and Loretta Tuan for their vision, effort and leadership from the earliest days; to Dorothy Mau, president when ACUW members overwhelmingly voted to pursue improved tax status; and to “worker bee” directors and members Marjorie Lau, Sybil Kyi, Lynnae Lee, Jerilyn Jeffryes, Maura Yee, Ruth Hirai, Lori Kam, Beverly Mau and Marilyn Wong for their wisdom and valuable assistance.

Special thanks to 2014 President Blossom Mau, and the Officers and Directors of ACUW for their perseverance and effort. It was a year of challenges without a full complement of officers and committee chairs. The Directors carried out many operational duties and responsibilities, helping to lead, plan and sustain ACUW. A noteworthy achievement is the ACUW Cookbook Project, chaired by Dorothy Mau and May Lee Chung. The cookbook sales will continue to need members’ support. 

Dear 2015 ACUW Officers, Directors and Members, you have reaffirmed that ACUW is indeed a worthy organization and a source of pride and fellowship. The outgoing Directors thank you for your demonstration of support, validating our optimism and hope for a promising future for beloved, respected organization and its relevant mission and worthwhile purposes. We appreciate and need members who share their talents, skills, experience, enthusiasm and time to provide leadership and energy in planning and participating in educational cultural events to share our Chinese heritage and provide meaningful community service, collaborating with other agencies and organizations as appropriate. 

Together, led by President Ruth Hirai and ACUW’s team of 2015 Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs, we know ACUW will capitalize on the camaraderie of kindred spirits working cooperatively to benefit our community as we elevate our own spirits as pacesetters. Together let’s create new ways to carry out our legacy of education and service. Here’s to joy and great success in the future of our ACUW!

Best wishes for the blessings of the Season and love, peace, joy, prosperity and good health in the coming New Year!

Your 2014 ACUW Directors

Jerilyn Jeffryes, MauraYee, Lynnae Lee, Canossa Choy, Lynette Yuen and Lois Mui