January 2014 Message from ACUW Directors – Lois Mui, Chair

posted Dec 17, 2013, 3:36 PM by Acuw Hawaii

The Season’s Aloha to all! ACUW Directors Jerilyn Jeffryes, Maura Yee, Lynnae Lee, Canossa Choy, Lynette Yuen and I extend our congratulations and best wishes to 2014 ACUW President Blossom Mau and the newly installed Officers and Chairs of Standing and Special Committees.  We look forward to a rewarding year.  Our heartfelt mahalo nui to outgoing 2013 ACUW President Beverly Mau and the Board of Directors, especially outgoing Directors Chair Sybil Kyi and Betty Jong and other Directors for their leadership in successfully navigating ACUW through “uncharted waters”, as we progress steadily along to comply with our new Bylaws and federal and state laws.

In keeping with ACUW’s mission and goals and 501(C)(3) requirements, ACUW’s program of work and activities will place even greater emphasis on educational and charitable projects.  Fun and fellowship are of course part of the plan, too!  The role of Directors is primarily one of oversight to ensure ACUW meets its legal and fiduciary obligations.  Toward this end, Directors will continue to work on long range planning and establishing Policies & Procedures (P&P) for activities or committees where guidelines are not already in place or which require significant change to comply with the new Bylaws.  P&P are a supplemental document to the Bylaws, but more readily amended than the Bylaws to adapt to changing needs.  Although we are still awaiting approval of our 501(C)(3) application to the IRS, we will endeavor to hold to higher standards in our current 501(C)(4) status as a nonprofit.

It should be understood the P&P will continue to be a work in progress to respond to ACUW’s desire to be dynamic, productive and thriving.  P&P already completed and approved by the membership in 2013 include: Membership and Records Management; Scholarship P&P have been restated. Directors are continuing to refine P&P regarding Finance and the composition and duties of the “composite” new committees, Records Management and Communications.  Consideration will be given to a document to define the role and responsibilities of committees named in our Bylaws but without duties mentioned.

We Directors pledge to work hard in collaboration with President Blossom and the rest of the Board of Directors to sustain ACUW as an organization to which all members are proud to belong!