August 2014 Message from ACUW Directors – Lois Mui Chair

posted Aug 26, 2014, 3:13 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Dear Members of ACUW, 


Your Directors are concerned about the future of ACUW.  We believe the time has come for all ACUW MEMBERS to reflect and discuss “The Future of ACUW” as a nonprofit organization, addressing the issue of an uncertain future due to the difficulty of getting leaders in an organization comprised of well-educated, capable, talented women, all with leadership qualities. Our mission and purposes were reaffirmed with the adoption of the Restated Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws in 2012. If we value ACUW and want to maintain it as the vital organization it is intended to be, we will need committed members, willing to assume positions of leadership and share their time and talents. We need all members to participate fully, focused on why we belong to ACUW, an organization with a mission: 


  1. to provide college/university scholarships to deserving students; to acknowledge and award academic excellence in secondary schools 

  1. to foster an appreciation of Chinese culture, language and history by providing educational cultural learning experiences for Hawaii's diverse multicultural community, participating actively to promote these endeavors 

  1. to provide charitable service by our members to meet current or emerging needs in our community 
    Additionally, we enjoy fun and fellowship as we work collaboratively and with purpose to meet our mission and goals.  


Do you believe our time as a nonprofit educational, service-oriented organization has run its course?  We hope not! However, without committed leaders, we may be forced to go inactive or even cease to be. Circumstances now require ACUW members to make a decision or arrive at a solution, deliberately, thoughtfully and with great care: to be or not to be?  We must not allow ACUW to simply slide into oblivion for lack of members willing to lead.  

WHAT IS YOUR WISH FOR ACUW?  As members of  ACUW, a venerable organization in its 84th year, do we believe our mission, purposes and goals are IMPORTANT enough to commit the time, effort, our collective talents and often plain work to do whatever is necessary to sustain ACUW? 


Please reflect on this issue and share your thoughts. You may email or any of us Directors. We will set aside time to discuss key issues and possible solutions at the Sept. 13 GM meeting as part of “A Past President’s Message.” In the meantime, please gather your thoughts and ideas, and prepare to share around your table, guided by a few trigger questions. 


Actually, the solution to our dilemma is simple: we need a few good people to step forward!  Will you be one?  You are ALL potential leaders, and ACUW needs you now!  Mahalo nui loa for your kokua in sustaining ACUW and serving our association’s best interests!   

Me ke aloha pumehana, 

Directors Canossa Choy, Jerilyn JeffryesLynnae Lee, Maura Yee, Lynette Yuen and Lois Mui, Chair