August 2013 - Sybil Kyi, Chair

posted Aug 4, 2013, 1:14 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Celebrating ACUW’s 82nd Anniversary and Recognizing ACUW Past Presidents

In 1931 a small group of University of Hawaii Chinese women graduates formed an organization to maintain their bonds of friendship and “render good services” for the Honolulu community. Now in 2013, that group has grown to over 200 members and is a recognized non-profit organization open to women college graduates who have an interest in Chinese culture and its activities.

It may be said that ACUW has stood the test of time. The bonds of friendship have flourished and several generations of members are participating in college scholarship fund-raising events and a range of community service activities from science and history student competitions to programs for seniors and public art fairs for families. The linchpin for any organization is its leadership and ACUW has 82 Presidents, one for every one of its 82 years.

We call our members to join in our September 7, 2013 general meeting festivities to celebrate ACUW’s 82nd anniversary and to recognize the services of our past Presidents!