Honolulu Museum of Art Family Sunday January 19, 2014 – Cora Haberman, Cultural Event Committee Chair

posted Feb 10, 2014, 11:28 PM by Acuw Hawaii

The Honolulu Museum of Art Family Sunday was a success everyone had a nice time.  Thanks to ACUW members Carol Pang, Beverly Mau, Blossom Mau, Dorothy Mau, Lois Mui, Betty Jong, Barbara Pang, Christine Ling, Rosalind Chun, Fawn Shang , Kathy Jay, Natalie Wu, Betty Chang, Carolyn Misajon, Jerilyn Jeffryes, Christine Young, Gretchen Jong, Trudy Ching, Lola Fu, Canossa Choy, Pat Lau, Bertha Tomiyasu, Carol Chee, Lynette Yuen, Maura Yee, Mildred Lui, Ida Mai, Hong Jiang, Marion Yuen, Elizabeth Wong, and Paula Fukuda. Special thanks to non-members Flora Lu, Jamie Huang, and Bin Lin for helping with the calligraphy, and Seng Choy, the director of HMA.

Thanks to Elizabeth Lum for dropping off the ingredients for the Jai, even if she couldnt be there. Mahalo to all.