Cultural Committee – BOH Family Sunday at HMA, Feb 17 – Hong Jiang, Committee Chair

posted Jan 24, 2013, 7:05 PM by Acuw Hawaii

Get ready to participate in the ACUW event at Honolulu Museum of Art on Feb 17! This is the 3rd year since we have renewed our involvement with the HMA Chinese-themed Family Sunday. It has been a lot of fun in the last two years – it is also a great way to get ACUW out there in the community.

This year we will have tables for calligraphy, Jai, narcissus cultivation, Chinese Zodiac, and possibly Chinese knots/paper cutting. We will assist the HMA art table as well. Thanks to Lois Mui who has been spending hours getting ready for the narcissus display; thanks to Beverly Mau and Nancy Usui for getting ACUW the publicity for the event. We will have many many more ladies to thank later!

Event time is 11am-3pm on Feb 17, Sunday. Many have signed up to help – thank you ahead for your great effort and enthusiasm! Please make sure to ware beautiful Chinese clothing if you can! Parking free on street or in the HMA lot (off Kinau Street).

Lunch boxes at HMA are available for those who have signed up at the Jan 5th ACUW general membership meeting. If you did not sign up but still would like to participate, please just come (please arrange lunch on your own).

A belated “thank you” for all who have contributed to the ACUW booth at Splendor of China in November 2012. Special thanks go to Susan Lee (past President) and Lois Mui (Cultural Committee member).