Congratulations on a Successful BOH 2013! – Hong Jiang, Committee Chair

posted May 23, 2013, 5:54 PM by Acuw Hawaii

The Cultural Committee Chair Hong Jiang wishes to express her appreciations for ACUW members’ active participation and great contribution to the BOH 2013 Family Sunday at Honolulu Museum of Art on Feb 17! Thank you President Beverly Mau for all your support and hard work; without the tireless work of Lois Mui, we would not have had the great table displays with the artists for the narcissus! We thank the following members who have made the BOH event successful (order according to tables – not alphabetical): Blossom Mau, Fawn Shang (and friends on calligraphy); Kathy Jay, Mona Chock, Chris Ling, Beverly Taira, Deb Wong, Colleen Lee, Pat Chong, Natalie Wu, Pat Moberly, Marilyn Wong, Bea Kong, Evelyn Lam, Blossom Wong, Val Wong, Susan Wong, Liz Lum (for spearheading the Jai table); Cora Haberman, Millie Lui, Barbara Pang, Marion Yuen, Gretchen Jong, Lily Lee, Vicky Christiansen, Fran Kramer, Maura Yee, Pat Lau, Flora Thong, Trudy Ching, Vicky Ho, Leona Bangerter, Betty Chang, Elizabeth Wong, Vivian Ho, Cynthia Ching, Candace Wong, Betty Jong (and friends for music). (Apologies if we have missed anyone.)

BOH Family Sunday - February 17, 2013