ACUW Cultural Event a Hit at the HMA! – Lois Mui, coordinator

posted May 16, 2015, 12:00 PM by Acuw Hawaii

ACUW’s cultural event, Family Sunday at the Honolulu Museum of Art (HMA) was a success, with 2,435 visitors, 1,638 adults and 717 children participating with delight to usher in the Year of the Ram on February 15, 2015! Family Sunday is a collaborative venture with the HMA, with Bank of Hawai‘i support.

Xie Xie to the 50+ wonderful ACUW members and friends who generously gave their time, talents, ideas, energy and enthusiasm as cultural resources to produce an exciting festival to share and teach about our rich Chinese heritage through engaging hands-on activities and entertaining performances. Special thanks to the talented and capable chairs for their initiative and leadership and to all who contributed to making the cultural event fun and rewarding for everyone:

On Site Coordination - ACUW President Ruth Hirai, Janel Haberman, Kimberly Hoi, and Gwyned Lum

Chinese Delicacies - Lynette Yuen, chair (almond cookies and almond float); Gretchen Jong, Betty Loui (gau), Elizabeth Lum (jai), Patricia Moberly, Eunice Terada (3 Eggs Jook), Maura Yee, and Stanford Yuen. Recipes featured may be found in ACUW Family Favorites Cookbook, Nov. 2014.

Chinese Calligraphy - Hong Jiang and Fawn Shang, chairs; Canossa Choy, Fawn’s Friends

Mah Jong - Valerie Wong, chair; Trudy Ching, Lola Fu, Paula Fukuda, Vicky Ho, Randy and Samantha Wong

Narcissus Exhibit & Demonstration - Patricia Lau, chair, Dora Cheng, Marge Lau, Barbara Pang, Lois Mui. Exhibitors: Gretchen Jong, Patricia Yee, Ruth Hirai, Randy Ching and Lara, Michael and Eleanor Cowell

Paper Crafts - Carolyn Misajon, chair; Cora Haberman, Janel Haberman, Vivian Ho, Bonnie Lu Jong, June Kadomoto, Betty Loui, Susan Wong

Membership Information and Chinese Zodiac & Horoscope - Susan Lee, chair; President Ruth Hirai, Hong Jiang, Cheryl Parker, Marilyn Wong, Libby Lum

ACUW Publications - May Lee Chung, Jerilyn Jeffryes, Fran Kramer and Millie Lui; ACUW Family Favorites Cookbook sold in the Museum Gift Shop.

Betty Jong arranged and led opening performances by the Guang Zhong Music Ensemble, setting the ambience for the day. Graceful traditional Chinese dances were presented by the exquisitely costumed Rainbow Chinese Dance Group, with Ying Zhang, director. ACUW member, Angela Chang presented a lively Chinese folk dance. (Angela is organizing a group of ACUW members interested learning to perform Chinese dances.) The HMA-Bank of Hawai‘i partnership sponsored several exciting highlights: a spirited dragon dance through the lanais and courtyards; spectacular lion dances on elevated poles, tai chi and kung fu demonstrations; a crafts activity creating sheep; and performances by the Phoenix Dance Chamber.

Special MAHALO to the Honolulu Museum of Art and HMA Coordinator for Family Sundays, Seng P. Choy, museum educator, for inviting ACUW to hold our cultural event on Family Sunday, and to the Bank of Hawai‘i for their generous support of the Family Sunday program. We appreciate greatly Mrs. Choy’s time and expertise in planning and facilitating the use of HMA facilities and equipment, technical support by the museum staff and providing other resources to ensure a successful event. ACUW is grateful for HMA’a aloha and hospitality, including lunch for volunteers. Xie xie!