October 2020 - Edwina Lee - 2020 President

posted Nov 21, 2020, 3:26 PM by Acuw Hawaii   [ updated Nov 21, 2020, 3:27 PM ]
Aloha Everyone, 

I hope everyone and your families are well as the spread of the COVID-19 virus is still ongoing. All events for the rest of the year have been cancelled. I just recently heard that our t-shirts will be done sometime before the end of this month as they are able to open the business again. Right now, the government mandate is we can only go out in groups of no more than five (5), but you need to be of the same household so we are in Tier 1. We have to have less than 100 cases for 7 days straight and be under 5% for positive cases before we can advance to Tier 2. If we are able to maintain it, we might be in Tier 2 before the end of this month. I am sure everyone is bored staying at home for the last 


Luckily, we were able to print the photo directory this year and about two-thirds of the membership have their photo directories already. Again, please contact me if you still want to drop by my house to pick up your photo directory or I can deliver it to you after this shutdown is done. Our Legislative Review Committee has been very busy updating our Bylaws which has been completed and is being reviewed by an attorney and he will also update our Bylaws to cope with emergency situations such as with the current situation. The task of updating the current policy and procedures for the existing ones and creating new policy and procedures for each committee and officers is still ongoing and hopefully will be done by the end of this year. 

Some of our members are making cloth masks for various schools that have asked us to make them as we made cloth masks earlier this year for Navian Hawaii, formerly known as Hospice Hawaii. However, if you do not sew and want to donate the disposable masks, please contact Anna Chang and she will be glad to pick them up from you. 

This year I mainly concentrated on the administrative goals which were mostly paperwork such as our photo directory, updating our Bylaws and Policies and Procedures for every officer’s position and every committee chair’s positions, updating our website and Facebook and we now have more up-to-date social media such as Instagram and Twitter. For those of you who are able to follow, please do so on our social media. We got our t- shirts done by the end of this month and awarded the first half of the scholarships and the academic awards. Since we could not have our June general membership meeting, included in this bulletin are the pictures of the scholarship recipients and a little information about themselves. We did have two general membership meetings before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us and we did pass our budget. We could not do many activities this year, but we did do the Goat Cheese Farm educational tour for those who were willing to go and wear their masks.