August 2020 - Edwina Lee - 2020 President

posted Sep 7, 2020, 8:49 PM by Acuw Hawaii   [ updated Sep 7, 2020, 9:00 PM ]
Aloha Everyone,

As President of ACUW, I am concerned about our members’ health and well-being

regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, the Elected Directors and the Board

and I, have made a decision to cancel our September general membership meeting as the

governor has issued that we cannot gather indoors with no more than ten (10) people.

Likewise, all our indoor Interest activities have been postponed as well. However, we went

ahead with our Goat Cheese Farm event which happened on Saturday, July 25th since it was

an outdoor event. We wore our masks and also practiced social distancing at this event. We

probably cannot do any community service projects this year. This virus puts all of us at risk

as most of us are in the high-risk bracket.


The Science and Engineering Fair has been done virtually. Thanks to Joanne Ebesu and her committee, we will be

issuing our scholarship awards to that event soon. The first half of the scholarship academic awards for the four (4)

undergraduates and one (1) graduate student has been issued to their respective schools by Jo-Ann Leong and her


Our t-shirts are in the process of being made and probably should be ready by September thanks to Elvina Yamashiro

and her committee. The photo directory, prepared by our membership chair, Darlene Nakayama and her committee, has

been printed and was ready in June. At least a hundred of our members have gotten their photo directory already.

Please contact me if you still want to drop by my house to pick up your photo directory. Everyone has been contacted.

Our Legislative Review committee has been very busy updating our Bylaws which has been completed and will be

ready to be reviewed by an attorney sometime this month. The next task is to update the current policy and procedures

for the existing ones and create new policy and procedures for each committee and officers.

The Steering Committee for our 90th Anniversary, headed by Gretchen Jong and Serena Kyi-Yim, has started to plan

this event which will be next year. Please say “Yes” when they contact you to be part of their committee. Donations are

welcome for this event and you can send it to our P. O. Box 62264, Honolulu, Hawaii 96839, starting in January 2021.

Since this year we have not done any activities because of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, except for the Goat Cheese

Farm, I will be running again for President and I am lucky to have the same Board members who have committed to

me to run again with me next year. Serena Kyi-Yim has agreed to step up to be the President-Elect next year, so we are

looking for a new Vice President to fulfill the slate of officers.

Please watch the news for the latest update on this virus outbreak and if you do not need to go out, please stay at home

and be safe and if you do need to go out, please wear your masks and practice good hygiene habits and social

distancing. We all need to cooperate so we can contain this deadly virus and keep our family, friends and community


Hopefully we will be able to have our November general membership election meeting and can continue with our

activities for the rest of the year as our State slowly opens up for certain businesses. Take care of yourselves and stay

healthy and enjoy the rest of your summer and hopefully we can meet again in November.