October 2013 President’s Message and End-of-Year Report - Beverly Mau, 2013 President

posted Nov 25, 2013, 7:31 PM by Acuw Hawaii   [ updated Nov 25, 2013, 7:31 PM ]

Wow! Time flies as we are about to complete another year!  

I urge you all to attend our 5th Annual Membership Meeting on November 2, 2013 at the Oahu Country Club at 10am. This is our election meeting where you may cast your vote for Officers, Directors and other elected officials for our ACUW 2014 Executive Board. We need to start at 10:30am and finish no later than 1:30pm. Because of this situation the Executive Board was asked to submit their “End of Year” reports in the November bulletin. Please call in your reservations for this meeting immediately. Happy Birthday celebrants will be for the months of November and December.

ACUW participated in the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival on September 15, 2013. The United Chinese Society has made a donation to help defer our costs and for our participation at the recent event with demonstration of using the mold, tasting of moon cake, children’s activities, handouts of the moon cake recipe with the Story of the Lady in the Moon (storytelling) and music. Thank you to Hong Jiang who led the ACUW crew.

Now, mark your calendars as we complete the year. Coming up is the Double Ten parade on October 6, 2013 at the Chinatown Cultural Plaza to honor the Founder of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat Sen! The Splendor of China is right around the corner on November 2-3, 2013. Please contact Hong Jiang for both events. Our joint meeting to pass the red books for the Executive Boards for 2013 and 2014 will held be on Nov. 10, New Member Orientation Nov. 17, and Deadline for the January bulletin is Nov. 24, 2013. The Christmas Installation Luncheon will be on December 7, 2013 at the Hawaii Prince Hotel where history will be made. Be there!

Thank you to Maura Yee and Lois Mui, who opened up their homes to us for our Board meetings this year. Our final meeting for Officers, Directors and Chairs will be on October 27th at Maura’s house at 1:30pm.

This has been a challenging and most enjoyable year as I actually got to know all of you. This was a year of change to accomplish our 6 R’s.

We are close to completing our Policy and Procedures (P & P) to align with our 501(c)3. They will be ready for print at our final meeting with the new revised mission statement and By-laws ratified at our November of 2012 meeting.

Recruit to perpetuate our organization for the future required some changes be made to our policy and procedures where members are accepted throughout the year with Board and General Membership approval. As a means of survival, we will need to continuously recruit members of all ages. Congratulations, to the ten new members inducted into our membership this year.

Renewed visibility was evident as we had ample TV coverage and publicity for our Fashion Show Fundraiser “Asian Rhythms and Motifs”. We were featured at the Perry and Price morning radio show at the Jade Dynasty, on KITV’s Morning Show, on Hawaii News Now with Grace Lee, in Mid-Week with Duke’s Clothing by Yu Shing Tang, on the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s website through Nadine Kam featuring the Duke’s Clothing fashion show, and Star Advertiser’s front page in a Duke’s garment and the community section with John Berger. We also participated in the Chinatown Parade and Honolulu Museum of Art’s Bank of Hawaii Family Day, with beautiful Narcissus carvings displayed at the entry, to welcome in the Year of the Snake.

We nurtured our relationship with other community organizations by attending functions of the Chinese Women’s Club, United Chinese Society, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, See Dai Doo, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and Chinese from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. We participated in the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, Double Ten Parade and Splendor of China.

Recognizing our cultural heritage will be featured in our upcoming “Family Favorites” - ACUW cookbook publication this fall where the members and friends contributed their favorite recipes, some with a short synopsis of their Chinese family memories. This year we also included a 5 minute cultural learning (Tea pouring, folding gum ngun (Qing Ming), Chinese Weddings, and history and song of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival), in our program at each of our meetings.

We met with the issue of resolving our challenges by creating a corporate structure and keeping our concerns at the Board level with Officers and Directors working closely together in order to fulfill the President’s goals for the year for mutual benefit of our organization.

We were transparent and used e-commerce to disseminate our bulletins, agendas, event reminders, minutes, budgets and concerns. Concrete guidelines moved the meeting along in a timely manner.  House Rules and following Robert’s Rules of Order resolved many issues through the year as pros and cons were shared with respect.

As mandated by our by-laws, the Corporation will have held 5 regular meetings by the end of the year and the Directors have held more than their required quarterly meetings for the year with one special meeting for the purpose of the approval of the cookbook publication.

ACUW is financially sound as our annual budget was approved at our 1st General Membership meeting in January and used as a guideline for Officers, Directors and Committee expenses. Our audit was approved and reflected a balance of $129,125.12 as of December 31, 2012. All expenses for the year 2013 will be due to our Treasurer by December 1, 2013. We will also, be registering by year end with the State of Hawaii, Attorney General’s office to be in compliance with the Hawaii’s Charitable Solicitation Law.

There were fifteen (15) motions passed this year as we continue to see the need for change. We maintained a membership of 196 members. We gave out scholarships and awards totaling over $12,000. Our amazing Spring fundraiser fashion show netted us over $16,000. We added on a cost for mailing hard copies of the bulletins to members, increased the lunch subsidy paid by the members to $15, sang happy birthdays in Chinese and English and created a lucky name drawing as part of our program at our meetings. (The best being the, “boo look”- pomegranate and avocado display at the Pagoda Hotel). We maintained our three (3) “self - sustaining “special events: Family Luau (St. Pius Church), Fashion Show Scholarship luncheon (Hilton Hawaiian Village) and the Christmas Installation (Hawaii Prince Hotel). Though this year ACUW ran without a President-Elect and a Legislative Chair and yet we did well.

It is recommended that ACUW continue their marketing efforts in the community, have structure and order at their meetings by following the House Rules and Roberts Rules of Order, provide for an atmosphere of open communication by being transparent to its members with respect, eliminating and adding projects for the best interest of the organization, continue the change to “paperless” and finally asking our members to look deep within their hearts to step forward to be an officer of our wonderful entity, as one of their lifetime goals.

Congratulations on going “GECKO” this year. You have changed colors and lived many lives to complete the year. I saw growth, unwavering loyalty and support from each and every one of you as we had fun at all of our events in this Year of the Snake...SSSsss!

As I recall the Past Presidents’ recollection of their year as President, I hope this will be a year you remember…lucky “13” in the year of 2013 for Happy Birthdays, 5 minute Cultural learning’s, Policy and Procedures, the start of a new legacy - a Cookbook of “Family Favorites”, House Rules, Robert’s Rules of Order and the year we went “green” and passed 15 motions in an ever changing world.

Thank you to our magnificent Officers, Directors, Chairs and Members for their support and participation in making 2013 a truly memorable one for all.

From Corporate Administration, your President is very proud to have served each and every one of you. I ask for your continued support, friendship and dedication to ACUW as we share our cultural heritage with all of our family and friends. We are a wealth of information and all of the Chinese memories we share, will make history as there is so much knowledge deep within us to be passed on from year to year and generation to generation. Xie Xie from the bottom of my heart!