January 2014 2013 President’s Message – Beverly Mau, 2013 President

posted Dec 17, 2013, 3:48 PM by Acuw Hawaii   [ updated Dec 17, 2013, 3:48 PM ]

My year as ACUW President has finally come to a close at a time that is most joyous and fun.  I want to thank, President Blossom Mau (Past V. P.) for all of the delicious luncheons we have had this past year and for setting up the joint meeting on November 10, 2013 at Gyotaku Restaurant. Our membership can look forward to the Night in Chinatown Parade scheduled for January 25, 2014 to be chaired by Sylvia Ching (trolley donations from Betty Jong and Millie Lui) and the ACUW table for the Citizen of the Year event December 5, 2013 to honor, Stanford B. C. Yuen (sponsored by the United Chinese Society) coordinated by our Director Lynette Yuen and Member Representative Ruth Hirai. The new member event was successful and Doris Lam Membership Chair explained the ACUW Mission, Officer and Chair positions and that our new members will be introduced at our January 2014 meeting. New Member Bertha Tomiyasu has chosen to work with, sister, Beverly Taira on the Family event for next year. Thank you to the 2013 Directors for the printing and distribution of the ACUW By-Laws and Policy and Procedures at our last meeting. Happy retirement to Chair Sybil Kyi and Vice-Chair Betty Jong as they finish their 3 year term. Kudos to the Nominating committee, Chaired by Millie Lui, for a smooth election meeting at the Oahu Country Club (OCC) and a wonderful slate of Officers for 2014. Big Mahalo to our OCC sponsor member Marion Lee. Thank you to all participants in the Splendor of China and to Cultural Chair Hong Jiang for a year filled with CULTURE! Thank you to Christmas Installation Co-Chairs Doris Lam and Christine Young. Biggest Mahalo to the Cookbook team, Co-Chairs May Lee Chung and Dorothy Mau as we look to 2014 for publication.

President’s Outgoing Speech at the December 7, 2013, Christmas Installation Luncheon:

Distinguished guests, Members, Family and Friends!

It has been an honor to serve all of you and I can only ask that each Past President is respected for all of the time and leadership ability she has spent to build our organization during her term for the greater tomorrow.

I have been Doctor, Lawyer, Indian chief, Guidance Counselor, Mother Theresa, Psychologist, Mediator, Negotiator, Neutral party in a heated discussion, Banker, Social Worker, Director of Marketing, Communications Director, Ambassador of Good will and Photographer, possibly all of these at some point during the past year.

May ACUW live on forever and as we think of ways to improving our organization …not for ourselves but for the best interest of the club. We are all but one vote and have learned how powerful that a single vote can be.

This year’s administration has been the one to say let’s “go paperless” (go Green), to build our reputation in the community, to work together as a team, to accept the rising costs in our economy to balance our budget, to recognize our aging members, and to recruit members for a brighter tomorrow. This year, we have furthered our cultural learnings, established new policy and procedures, and adopted Roberts Rules and House Rules as guidelines to our meetings. We have been able to give back to our members with better luncheons and were transparent by allowing our members to share their opinions, pro or con, with respect for one another.

I am proud to say we had a huge fundraiser that allowed us to provide many college scholarships and special scholarships to students wishing to further their education.  I am even prouder to say that ACUW will be sharing our legacy in a “coming soon” publication “ACUW Family Favorites” cook book, which will be cherished for many years to come. Yes, we will be publishing our most precious “eats” at the turn of the new year!

Ladies, I congratulate you on a most wonderful year and wish you the very best in the year to come.

Today we make history as my mother, Dorothy Mau was president in 2009, I in 2013 and now sister Blossom in 2014.  You all, will have 3 years of our family’s leadership in our ACUW organization. As this is a milestone and you have made it happen.  Keep in mind that though we are all from the same family, we have different leadership styles. Those of you who know us will agree that we are all so different.  So expect the best from Blossom as it will be her style. Don’t be fooled by her passive aggressive nature as she was born in the year of the “Dragon”.  As petite as she is, she can really roar and is definitely a born leader. We dedicate this day to our Dad, James On Mau who was a great leader in the community and headstrong he was, with tenacity and strength to rule.  He served many Presidencies even as far back as when we were in elementary school.  He would be proud of us today. During those days, Dad was the ruler of the household.  He was the Emperor of the Mau Dynasty.  Upon his passing in 2006, Mom has taken the leadership role; and it goes down into our generation…. Blossom and I. Many of you don’t know that Blossom is the Chef and I am the seamstress in our Mau household.  Blossom is the “dog” lover and I am the one who adopted 2 children from China.  Blossom is the “Baby” sister and we are proud of her. She always takes a second seat to Mom and I, and now it is her time to shine, as I am excited to place you in her capable hands.

The miracle is “Like Mother Like Daughters”! Mother and 2 daughters take helm of ACUW, 2009, 2013, 2014. The Mau Dynasty is historical for ACUW. We have had mother daughter teams but never a Mother daughters’ team. We make history as we are the 1st and foremost….all with different personalities and different leadership skills and styles. Mom, Dorothy, is a retired school teacher, I am the realtor and currently working for the City and County of Honolulu, and finally, Blossom is a nurse and works for the State of Hawaii. Mom was awarded the City and County’s Volunteer of the Year in 2005, Model Mother of the Year for the United Chinese Society 2010, and served as High Priestess for Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America, Hawaii Court No. 60 and as Worthy Matron for the International Order of Eastern Star, Leilani Chapter #8 for 5 terms.  I was President for the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) in 1989 and Woman of the Year in 1990 and am currently the secretary for the Palolo Neighborhood Board, Foreclosure Commissioner for the State of Hawaii 1st Circuit Court, and Trustee for the United Chinese Society.  Blossom was crowned Honored Queen for the International Order of Job’s Daughters in 1968, sits on the Board of Directors for the Obedience Training Club of Hawaii, having served as their recording secretary and continues as a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.  All of our family has spent a minimum of 25 years in this ACUW organization to total 75 years of experience seeing the changes, challenges and growth of this organization, that we are so passionate about. It is truly an honor for us to be a member of ACUW and to be surrounded by such educated women as yourselves.  ACUW is visible as we provide cultural learnings to the community we live in and scholarships for our youth.

Again, I say it has truly been an honor for myself and my corp of officers to have served ACUW in the year 2013, the year of the snake.  ACUW is continuing its path to a brighter tomorrow….as you will begin to gallop in 2014.

Again you can look forward to another great year with a MAU at the helm (Blossom), as I am excited to join the ranks of “Past President of ACUW!” Mahalo……

 “Chin Doh Marn Jay!” ( A thousand and A million thank you!)