August 21013 - Beverly Mau, 2013 President

posted Aug 4, 2013, 1:19 PM by Acuw Hawaii   [ updated Aug 4, 2013, 1:19 PM ]

America the Beautiful! We are so lucky to live in the United States to enjoy the freedom that our Forefathers so proudly gave of their lives so we may enjoy our “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” to fulfill our every dream. Just like our graduates, never give up your dreams.  Let’s be grateful to live in a country so developed, so economically vibrant.  May our children enjoy the fruits of our labor.  I’m excited that as a Chinese organization we can nurture our Chinese heritage in America - the Land of  Freedom!  Happy belated 4th of July!

Welcome back from the hot summer months and hope you had a relaxing time traveling, spending time with family, and doing house repairs.  Well I became a grandmother to 6 puppies and was very excited.

Ladies, we finished the June meeting in record time: 1:28pm.  Good job everyone! Many comments were received on how the meeting was professional, stayed on point, and moved in a timely manner. The scholarship recipients spoke well and were well prepared. Thank you to Dorothy Mau Scholarship Chair and her committee.  Also Sybil Kyi and Maura Yee for our special scholarship awards. 

Thank you to your administrative Board and Chairs for the timely and effective General Membership Meetings. Our leadership team should now be preparing for our annual November election meeting to report the year’s events. Xie Xie Galore!

Recipes received will now go to print. Thank you to all who contributed. Thank you to May Lee Chung and Dorothy Mau, Co-Chairs of the Cook Book committee, and their members.

Policy and Procedures will be finalized and go to print, thanks to our Directors. 

Did you have fun at the family luau?  Did you get “gonged?” Thank you to Co-Chairs: Sandi Shiroma and Ruth Hirai and their creative ingenious committee. Good job in getting Roy Chang to MC at the last minute.  Let’s have the guys (with their tails) entertain us at our future events. FUN!

Anna Chang and Shari Lee-Huntoon, chairs of our interest committee are running a “marathon” of events. Hope you were able to take advantage of some or ALL of the activities they planned for us. Good Job!  Did you find something interesting to attend? Bowling, jewelry repair, Chinese knots, Pearl Harbor Cruise?

This is a call to order for a special membership drive for 2013. Let’s all sponsor 1 member and double our size.  We will get double happiness and build our legacy.  See our Chair Doris Lam for applications.

The Nominating Committee will submit a slate of officers for our November election. Take the challenge.  Our organization needs your leadership.  Please contact Millie Lui and her committee to be an officer or committee chair for 2014.

Our next General Membership Meeting will be a buffet at the Pagoda Hotel.  Thank you VP, Blossom Mau for the negotiations.

We will sing “Happy Birthday” (Zhu ni shengri kuaile) to those born in the months of September and October and to our club, as well.  Past Presidents, please attend our September GMM as the Directors are planning to recognize you as a tribute to our organization for the journey through the ages for the past 82 years. Amazing how our club has changed. Everyone, please be sure to wear your ACUW red shirts and let’s fill the room with “good luck.”

The United Chinese Society, co-sponsors with the City and County of Honolulu, is planning their annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival scheduled for September 15, 2013 from 4-9pm.  ACUW will again take a booth under the gazebo on this moon lit night to demonstrate “How to make Moon Cake.” There will be continuous entertainment through the evening at the Chinese Cultural Plaza in their open courtyard.  This event is the 2nd most celebrated festival (the 1st being Chinese New Year) for the Chinese community.  There will be vendor booths, free moon cake, entertainment of song and music.  This is where family and friends come together for a great celebration under the big bright round moon.  Can you see the lady in the moon? Come hear the story on how this came to be!

Our ACUW Christmas Installation of Officers and Chairs for 2014 will be on December 7, 2013 at the Hawaii Prince Hotel.  Co-Chairs Doris Lam and Christine Young will be planning this fun activity.

Thank you all for supporting our community and organization. “Lucky we live America!”